How to change seats on Interjet?, Interjet Change Flight Policy

How to change seats on Interjet?

Interjet Airlines is the best airline in Mexico. If passengers want to modify Air tickets, then they have to use the official sources provided by Interjet Change Flight. Change facilities are available 24 X 7 for the passengers and they can also modify and correct the errors.

To perform modifications in Interjet Air tickets, Passengers have to know about Interjet Change Flight Policy in detail.

Knowledge of full details about the Interjet Change Flight policy will help to reduce mistakes and passengers can act smartly.

What is the Interjet Change Flight Policy?

Here are some important highlight of the Interjet Change Flight Policy that can surely help passengers to make any modifications:-

How do change the name on the ticket?

Interjet Airlines' change policy allows the passenger or travelers to make modifications to their name in their booked Air tickets. For making modifications to the name passengers have to pay the Interjet Change Flight Fee. The Interjet modification fee is measured after viewing the type of Air ticket and time of changes.

How to Cancel Interjet Change Flight?

1- Interjet Ticket Change Online Method

How to change seats on the Interjet?

An online method for modification or cancellation is always convenient and one of the most acceptable processes for the passengers. Online methods provide maximum comfort level. Passengers can modify their Air tickets via two mediums i.e. Interjet Airlines' official website or passengers can also go for the official mobile application.

2- Interjet Ticket Change Offline Method

Lack of network connection or error in net connectivity passengers are not able to modify their bookings for this conditions Interjet Airlines offers an offline medium for modifications. The offline process required more effort, energy, and concentration.

There are three mediums that come under offline Interjet Change Flight:-

Offline modification is a more time taking process than Online Method

Online Method

How to change via the official online source?

Offline Method

At the airport counter or ticketing office

Interjet Change Flight by calling

Interjet Airline Date change

According to Interjet Airline Date change policy passengers are allowed to make any modification on Air ticket. For making any modifications to the date of departure the airline will charge a modification fee. The date change facility always depends on the availability of Air tickets and permission of Interjet Airlines.

Internet Date change policy

If passengers want to change the departure date for free of cost then they have to perform modifications within 24 hours of the original Air ticket booking. If passengers have a premium Air ticket then they do not have to pay any modification fee.

How to modify the date of departure online?

Interjet Airlines same-day flight change

Interjet Airlines also offers Interjet Airlines same-day flight change policy to the passengers. But passengers have to pay the modifications fee for doing so. The premium ticket holder can modify multiple times and without paying any fee. Non-premium Air ticket holders have to pay a change fee between 50 USD to 100 USD, depends on the booked Air ticket type.

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