What comes under ANA Flight Change Policy?

How often does the thought of a change in flight ticket scare you? We are sure it is quite often however while booking a flight with ANA Airlines, you can keep the fear away. The airline takes passenger comfort into account to give its best. ANA flight change policy is one of the most prominent examples of the flexibility of this airline. Whether you want to make minor changes or major ones, the airline would try its best to accommodate your demands.

ANA Flight Change Policy

Booked a ticket with ANA Airlines? Well, worry not. We have tried our best to walk you through ANA Airlines' change flight rules via the following article. Read along to find the key highlights of the changes, followed by separate changes as per the requirement. As per the ANA flight change policy, the passengers can make any changes to their tickets for free within 24 hours of booking. The tickets must be booked at least 7 days before the departure date of the flight. If the passengers make the changes within the given time frame, they would not have to pay any fee. However, if they miss out on the free change window, they would have to pay the ANA change flight fee. The passengers would have to pay the difference in flight fare if the new flight is more expensive than the previous one. If the new flight is cheaper, the airline shall reimburse the passengers for the remaining amount. ANA Airlines allows its passengers to make name changes on the tickets. However, changing the identity on the ticket and reselling it is not entertained by the airline.

Contact Airline: +1–855–284–6735

ANA Flight Change Fee

We cannot expect only flexibility with no limitation, can we? In order to maintain the timeless experience, the passengers just need to abide by some of the rules as set by the airline. ANA flight change policy states that the passengers would have to pay a fee if they miss out on the free change window. ANA Airlines flight change fee would be applied if the passengers make the changes more than once in their tickets. The flight change fee would cost somewhere around 300 USD. ANA change flight date fee would be applicable if the passengers are making any alterations at the last moment. The date change fee revolves somewhere around 100 to 400 USD.

How to Change Flight in ANA Airlines?

The airline is one of a kind and keeps the convenience of every passenger in mind. Whether you want to make the changes online or offline, the airline would make sure to keep any trouble at bay.

ANA Change Flight Online

1. Visit the official website.

2. Enter your ANA number and web password. Click on the login button.

3. Fetch your flight details.

4. Scroll a little bit down where the airline is demanding some ticket related details.

5. Enter your PNR number and full name to get the ticket details. Press on the search button.

6. Now you can see a “Change Booking” option.

7. Make sure to be very attentive while making the changes. Alter whatever you wish to.

8. Save the changes.

9. You would have to pay a little difference in flight amount.

10. Your new ticket would be generated on the same mail ID.

Changing ANA Airlines Flight Ticket via a Call

Every passenger is not the same, you can make the changes in this way without any trouble. In case of no internet connection, the passengers can surely opt for this option. Dial the ANA Airlines flight change phone number at +1–855–284–6735

A customer support executive would pick up the call and help you in the change-related process throughout the call.