Ryanair’s cancellation policy is the most unique, flexible, and easy to understand policy. Sometimes passengers have to or need to revoke or modify booked flight tickets no matters how important a travel plan. If passengers booked their travel tickets with Ryanair airlines, passengers have the facility to cancel their booking online, offline, and via phone call. Passengers need to explore the designed policy of Ryanair Airlines firstly.

Some important points that every passenger have to remember before cancellation :

  1. The cancellation policy includes some cancellation charges if passengers cancel their bookings after a 24-hour.
  2. Passengers can have a full refund only if they cancel booking before 24-hour of booking.
  3. Cancellation policy applies only when passengers book flight tickets via Ryanair’s official methods.

Elements of Ryanair Cancellation Policy are as follows:

  1. Ryanair Cancellation Policy 24 hours: It consists of some benefits provided to the passenger. 24 hours policy includes a full refund to passengers if they cancel their booked flight irrespective of any conditions and passengers are not allowed to cancel a flight that has an origin in the UK and Europe

Details about Ryanair Ticket Cancellation Fee

Booked flight tickets can be canceled by the passenger but there are cancellation charges also that can be fully refunded or partially refunded depending on the government taxes and airport charges.

How to cancel a Ryanair flight?

In today’s modern era use of technology makes our work easy. Ryanair provides so much convenience to its passengers via offering three different ways for cancellation and modification of booked tickets.

  1. Cancellation via phone call.
  2. Cancel flight ticket via ticket office at the airport.

Step by Step guide for online cancellation

  • Visit the home page of the official website.
  • Go to Manage my bookings.
  • Select ways for canceling your booked tickets.
  • Enter a six-digit reference number and last name of the traveler.
  • Enter cardholder name with the last 4 digits of the traveler’s credit/debit card.
  • Sign in with the same email used for booking.
  • Select the booked flight that passengers want to cancel.
  • Click proceed to cancel.
  • Cancellation is done and the passenger will get the cancellation confirmation mail to the email address provided at the time of booking.

Ryanair Refund Policy

Ryanair's cancellation refund policy includes some protocols under which the refund depends.